Learning to Heal - by Harry C. Goodall, Jr.

We all may need to overcome psychological barriers that prevent us from thinking about physical and sexual childhood traumas. This can include verbal, emotional and economic abuse suffered during childhood.
Many of us seek knowledge on how to empower ourselves in the battle against depression. How can we develop better coping skills to establish self-awareness? I have discovered it is necessary to recognize out senses, our emotions, and our thoughts as we experience them. When we fail to do so they lead to actions we can’t undo.
An easy read on how we can peel away layers of our onion in the emotions of healing. Some can talk about it but there has never been full disclosure of opening hold wounds and allowing them to properly heal. Everyone has some sort of trauma that either shame or guilt blocks us from overcoming that.                                                      Read Leaning to Heal.
Learning to Heal Book Cover
Helping People Heal