About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring awareness to all humans the detrimental effects of misled anger through highlighting the importance and awareness of emotional intelligence. We accomplish this through a guided diversion practice for ages 16 years and over as a preventative to the penal justice system.

Overall Objective

We offer coping skills in our practice as a viable means of dealing with emotional trauma that doesn’t have to lead to violence. We convey how tools are used and what they are used for to develop better coping skills to make better and stronger individuals as we mature in society. It’s prevalent that a lack of coping skills leads to people lashing out and reacting vs responding. Change is possible.

Our Goals

To highlight cognitive distortions and teach people emotional intelligence by giving real life experiences and sharing personal stories and how Innovative Rehabilitation tools are applicable in real life. Reflection is key to achieving this goal.

Our goal isn’t to fix anyone. Our goal isn’t to heal anyone. Our primary focus is to show you healing is possible and give you effective tools to get there!

“Change the thought, change the Behavior.

Change the Behavior, Change the Thought!”

Helping People Heal