The 12 Steps Towards Healing

These 12 Steps are the essential principles of IRGDP practice and are designed to help guide participants through the process of emotional maturity. They serve as a roadmap to healing and their journey for the rest of their lives.

STEP 1: I made a decision to pay attention to the warning signs my body and mind tell me.

STEP 2: I began to trust myself and understand I am worthy of attention and love.

STEP 3: I made a decision to help others and by doing so I help myself demonstrating remorse for harm done.

STEP 4: I came to the realization that my life was going in the wrong direction.

STEP 5: I became aware that I am my own worst enemy in sabotaging my path.

STEP 6: In this healing process, I learned to no longer carry resentment in my mind or heart.

STEP 7: I promise myself to no longer react impulsively to situations. This means to respond thinking before I react.

STEP 8: Realizing personal cognitive distortions, I learned I have to deal with my childhood traumas.

STEP 9: I will pay closer attention to my thought process understanding how it molds my life.

STEP 10: I became consciously aware to develop better coping skills in all my affairs.

STEP 11: I realized how vital and important a support system is.

STEP 12: With what I have learned I promise to pass this message of healing on to others starting with home.

Helping People Heal