Welcome to an affirming look at emotional intelligence. Information that will not only open your mind, but your heart too. Innovative Rehabilitation is a new corporation and attained its 501(c)(3) status in October 2022. We are just beginning our mission and welcome support from those who would like to donate either time and/or dollars.

Harry Goodall Jr., Founder

Harry C. Goodall Jr., a father of two children, is a published author. He has ghost-written five books for the “East Oakland Times.”

Mr. Goodall has various college degrees and relies on his Behavioral Science degree and twenty one years of self-help groups as an emphasis for his doctrine in this curriculum.

He has led a life filled with ambitions and real-life experiences which have enabled him to deliver an emotionally impacted recount of events that have modeled his life. As a result of that training, Goodall learned how to heal. The reality of how quick life can drastically change, or how short life could be, inspired him to look within himself and share the journey he has taken within this program.

Domenica Goodall, Administrator

After a lustrous 28 years working in the nonprofit sector, Domenica is now a corporate recruiter in helping people find jobs. Supporting Harry in his mission to help people heal emotionally is her next greatest passion, supporting the growth of Innovative Rehabilitation by his side. Domenica is also an artist doing commission work on canvas and has raised a son, now 23 years-old.

Justine Mistretta, Social Media Specialist

Justine is the creative director for Innovative Rehabilitation, and her goal is to educate as many people as she can on the amazing benefits of our program. She strives to be a bright helping hand in any of her engagements. She has been a senior representative at many of her jobs and always shoots high for the stars in achieving. Justine loves the great outdoors and some great tunes along with it.

Helping People Heal