Armando Zavala

As I grew up in a city called Mercedes. I analyzed the world through young eyes, that saw numerous situations around me in the state of Texas.

One of my many challenges was spirituality. I got granted a gift by the Lord Father God who showed me bad and good.

At the beginning, I felt scared and a little mental.

My mother was worried for my safety because I acted retarded and very childish. She took me to a witch doctor, A curandera, to fix my curse which I thought as an inexperienced yogi.

Because I continued to see abnormal things, spiritual things, I was taken to the doctor to treat or diagnose my disability.

At the age of (13) thirteen I was taking medication to calm me down and keep my thoughts from racing.

I was a loner that would get bullied a bunch, until I started to smash teeth. Then I got violent and ruthless. My behavior led to drug activity and criminal.

At the age of (13) thirteen, I was throwing rave parties and supplying the parties with ecstasy pills. I became a party animal.

My addiction took over my life at the same age, 13, and none of my friends wanted to hang out with me because I consumed every single drug in front of me like a vacuum.

The only thing to keep me sober was sports, school, and women. Church also helped but I was very insincere and ignorant to my gift. I felt very awkward because I had a lot of haters, and it would prevent me from being me.

I got into so much trouble that I ended losing my dignity my self-respect and my loved ones!

Then I began to smuggle drugs into the U.S. to support my habit and to make easy money.

I got so lost in the drugs that I would forget months at a time without any recollection of my actions.

Eventually, I began to have short-term memory loss and I could not seem to hold a conversation.

At age 20, I ended going to Salvation Army in Anaheim for an Adult Rehabilitation program. I was so delirious and delusional that everyone around me was scared of my mental health. I would see things that weren’t physically there, and I would hear voices. It wasn’t until I gave my life to Jesus Christ that I began to regain my brain back. Because of his mercy and grace, and his father who touched my soul back to consciousness.

When I experienced his power, I started to weep and appreciate the spectacular gift that he gave me. Since then I have been battling demons and carrying my cross.

Helping People Heal